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  • Daniel B Daniel B Mar 2, 2011 8:45 PM Flag

    blank roster pages

    By any chance, do you use the extension AdBlock? I've been using it, but for awhile they've been developing an Adblock Plus extension, which I've been keeping tabs on and testing out. I haven't been using it exclusively because there was some kind of memory leak issue. Yesterday they updated to 1.1 and I've been trying it out. This all may have nothing to do with it, but since I disabled AdBlock and started using Adblock Plus, I haven't had a blank roster page once, so it may be worth looking into. The memory leak issue seems to be gone too, so I'm going to stick with this set up and see how it works.

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    • Nope...nothing like that.

      In the hockey forum, I think it's being determined it's a Web Kit issue, as Chrome and Safari are both based on this, and both are having this same issue.

      I got a second reply from Yahoo that at least sounds more like they are working on it. I would guess I'm not the only one that emailed them.


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