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  • White Sox White Sox Jan 31, 2011 12:29 PM Flag

    Buster Posey is Overrated

    I'd rather get a 30/100 guy for my outfield and then pick up Posada/Soto/Suzuki in the last rounds. Tell me how the difference in production between the catchers compared to who you could get in the 5th round compared to Posey. I'd rather have the difference between the later catcher then a top outfielder/1B then a catcher who could have the sophmore slump that a lot of players go through.

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    • Posey is a 4 X 5 guy (due to SB, he will never be a 5 X 5) guy. Why should anyone take Posey high? Well, look at his numbers. He had 3 HR less than Hanley Ramirez in 150 less AB last year. Posey had a higher OPS last year than Hanley. Posey had a higher BA, too. Hanley is arguably one of the top 5 overall picks in fantasy baseball and Posey's stats look pretty darn good at a position that doesn't have a lot of quality. I can get a outfielder who hits .280 BA with a .750 OPS in the 7th or 8th round. Those guys are a dime a dozen (see Drew Stubbs or Alex Rios ...... guys you can get later).

    • Everyone should be waiting for Miguel Montero anyway. Best value at the position.


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