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  • Frank Frank Jan 31, 2011 12:25 PM Flag

    Buster Posey is Overrated

    Yeah, and his .300 BA, his 67 RBI and his .862 OPS (in only 108 games) in a pitcher's park are overrated, too. (If he would have played the entire season, he would have driven in 100 RBI and hit 25 HR).

    Overrated? Yeah right. Give this kid a full season and see what he'll do.

    Give me a break! Posey is worth a high draft pick at an important position that warrants a top 50 pick this year. Go ahead and pass on him. I'd gladly take him.

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    • Posey will see an increase in his K% and a drop in his HR/FB%. Read: worse AVG and less HR. It's called luck. You are blinded by the hype, ring and award.

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      • I don't see much evidence for an increase in K%. He never struck out much in the minors. Also you left out the fact that he could very well see an increase in BB% as his rate during the season didn't reflect his minor league rates.

        I'm not sure what you are trying to prove here. It is much easier to say Santana is underrated than to say that one of the most valuable players in baseball today is overrated.

      • Sorry to say, but i don't see that happening as the # 4 hitter on the Giants. I don't think it is luck. I have been involved with baseball for 25 years and don't see many holes in this kid's game (except for base running). I remember a guy who came up with the Giants in 1986 who was hyped as a sure thing (aka Will Clark) and Buster is much like him, but has better bat speed, has better bat control within the strike zone and hits line drives to all fields. I sorry to say I am not blinded by anything that this kid did last year. He will be even better given a full season. If you don't take him, someone else will and reap the benefits.

      • Posey will have a good year, but his current ADP is way too high. You can get by with just about any catcher, really.Better players go the same round because people panic about position scarcity.

    • I'd rather get a 30/100 guy for my outfield and then pick up Posada/Soto/Suzuki in the last rounds. Tell me how the difference in production between the catchers compared to who you could get in the 5th round compared to Posey. I'd rather have the difference between the later catcher then a top outfielder/1B then a catcher who could have the sophmore slump that a lot of players go through.

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      • Posey is a 4 X 5 guy (due to SB, he will never be a 5 X 5) guy. Why should anyone take Posey high? Well, look at his numbers. He had 3 HR less than Hanley Ramirez in 150 less AB last year. Posey had a higher OPS last year than Hanley. Posey had a higher BA, too. Hanley is arguably one of the top 5 overall picks in fantasy baseball and Posey's stats look pretty darn good at a position that doesn't have a lot of quality. I can get a outfielder who hits .280 BA with a .750 OPS in the 7th or 8th round. Those guys are a dime a dozen (see Drew Stubbs or Alex Rios ...... guys you can get later).

      • Everyone should be waiting for Miguel Montero anyway. Best value at the position.


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