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  • MikeY MikeY Jan 24, 2011 10:03 AM Flag

    Keeper Help

    I need help picking keepers.

    League info: Pretty standard Yahoo H2H league, 10 teams (expanding to 12 this season), standard 5x5 categories, and 4 OF instead of 3.

    With the new teams being brought into the league this season, a rule has been made that no one can keep anyone who would be a first round pick...meaning all first round picks from last year, and anyone who was kept in the second round last year (because keepers move up a round every year)

    My choices are :

    Brian McCann - 2nd
    Curtis Granderson - 5th
    Mike Bourn - 14th
    David Ortiz - 15th
    Neil Walker - FA
    Jose Bautista - FA
    Johnny Peralta - FA
    Juan Pierre - FA
    Luke Scott - FA

    CC Sabathia - 2nd
    Roy Halladay - 4th
    Jair Jurrjens - 9th
    Edwin Jackson - 12th
    Huston Street - 13th
    Gavin Floyd - 19th
    Ted Lilly - FA
    Daniel Hudson - FA
    Trevor Cahill - FA
    Gio Gonzalez - FA
    Chris Perez - FA
    Brandon Lyon - FA

    Anyone who was a free agent pick up (marked with the "FA") is a keeper in the 10th round. If I keep more than 1, the second is kept in the 9th, third in the 8th, etc.

    Halladay and Bautista are definites. And Maybe Ortiz and Floyd just because of where I can keep them at.

    Any thoughts?

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