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    starting a contraction league this year once again. need active managers. what is contraction? once a month the lowest scoring team in pts league format gets eliminated from play and surviving teams get to draft 1 player from the contracted team. sound interesting to you? send an email to deemarr2x2@yahoo.com

    btw: i've been running very successful fantasy leagues in all sports for 8 years now.

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    • here are the rules for the contraction drafts after the season begins:


      1. Lowest scoring team after the Contraction Friday will be contracted;

      2. On the Contraction Saturday, survivors will draft the loser's players. Here's how the draft will work:

      a. order is reverse from standings;
      b. post your pick on the league message board no later than 3:00 pm EST;

      3. Failure to participate in the draft will mean you have to miss the next contraction draft.
      Please make every effort to post picks;


      1. the team that has been the most active in the drafts will have 1st pick or be the survivor;

      2. if all tied teams still tie, then the one with the lowest score during the last draft will
      go first (or be eliminated) and so on up the line;

      3. still if there is a tie, then we will go by overall points in each stat category listed on the standings page.

      4. After the draft, the commish will make the moves. Please be sure no player is in an IR position that is not really
      on IR or the commish can not make the moves.

      5.The teams left after the contraction weekends will fight it out for the championship using Yahoo's overall points.

    • when does draft start? and how is it done
      we play on yahoo so when yahoo opens up their leagues i'll join. the draft is live and i usually do the draft on a saturday nite (or other time most managers can be there) right before the season starts.

    • when does draft start? and how is it done?


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