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    Timm Dodd & Kieth Dodd CHEAT!

    If you're invited to play in a money league by either Timm or Kieth Dodd - DO NOT JOIN!

    They have 2 of their cousins join and trade all the stars to 1 roster and won't allow you to make any trades. Since the trade review is set to commissioner, they just ignore any posts about veto.

    Names/emails to watch out for:
    Timm Dodd
    Kieth Dodd
    Todd_Trice or Tricer
    timmd@yahoo.com - Team name: Crash N Burn
    Lostraven_19@yahoo.com - Team name: benchwarmers

    Only join if you like to throw money away...

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    • I'm not so sure I believe this blindly. I've seen people talking trash about others just for mere sport. It could be true but then again it could just be someone holding a grudge and trying to give a bad name to someone else just because he didn't win a league. So I rather just not pay too much attention to what folks say in public forums unless I know the person.

      I have played in several cash leagues for years and I've never had this problem. I run two prize leagues myself and have never received any complaints. This year I will bring back one H2H $30 with 16 teams and one $50 13-team ROTO. Last year it was a blast so why not do it again.

      Guys, when you look for a good fantasy league the key is to ask ask and ask some more before you even think of joining a league. Don't just take for granted that the commish is a decent person. The Internet is plagued with scammers and with greedy and corrupted people always trying to take something from you. Heck, they've been on TV disguised as infomercial gurus for a long time. What makes you think they will not try to take your money online?

      Ask the would-be-commish as many questions you can about how is it that the league will run. Ask for details on how is the money going to be divided by percentages. Ask for the specific scoring settings, a website if any, some kind of evidence from previous seasons. And somewhere along the back and forth through email - if you guys can't meet in person or talk on the phone - you will have a clear picture whether the league and commish is legit or just another fool trying to scam you.

      When people ask me for a spot in one of my leagues I expect them to ask me even for a physical address and a phone number. Very few go to that extent, though, because I have run free and money leagues for years. What I'm trying to say is don't let others control your season and your money. If the fake commish presses you into giving your money right away but the season hasn't even opened registration yet, feel free to ditch the dude because he is probably trying to fool you. Ask him if the finances will be handled by an established fantasy site like Leaguesafe.com or other sites out there. I always do everything through leaguesafe because that way everybody is happy and doesn't even have to deposit 100% of his/ her trust on me.

      If returning owners want to pay their fee using PayPal, like sometimes is the case, then fine. But that is entirely up to them. I have no problem with it but I don't recommend it if it is the first time you play in the league. A true and legit commish will never corner his league members into paying directly to them if they don't know each other.

      With that said, good luck to all this fantasy season folks, and please don't let a bad comment keep you from searching for a great prize league because there are many out there that are legit and 100% fair.

      J. Garcia

    • I definitely wouldn't trust anyone named Todd Dodd or Rod Dodd either

    • To many cheaters to play in privite leagues. Only a sucker puts up money. Do you hand over your money to people you dont know on the streets? Then why do it here! Yahoo doesnt care are take the time to fix its own mess.

    • Jerry I was in ffb league this past year. The name of the league was "Pro Auction Managers". The commish, Christian H. (cupcake), paused auction draft, erased several acquisitions (including 2 of his own which he vastly overpaid for) then re-started draft. He never even made an attempt to bid on the 2 players he "lost" as a result of pausing draft. He later paused draft again, but this time no acquisitions were erased (imagine that). However this was only the beginning. He allowed all kinds of one-sided trades. So lets add Christian H. (cupcake) to this list of cheaters as well. BTW I still finished ahead of his cheating butt, lol.

    • Thanks for the warning

    • they give good managers a bad name

    • Nice to know!


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