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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 21, 2011 12:58 PM Flag

    Timm Dodd & Kieth Dodd CHEAT!

    He wasn't just "some guy"...He WAS a friend of ours, but got greedy.

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    • That changes everything,,if it was some guy than you say lesson learned but now that you say it was a friend well then,,,,,,I would get my money

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      • Scammers and phishing agents are all over the Internet and in the real world out there. I have been getting that laughable Nigerian scam email and other lame approaches lately like never before. Those just make me laugh. I guess they figured I will reply to them providing my bank account and other personal info just because I am posting my email online looking for people for my leagues.

        Like I said, if you are looking for a fantasy league online and you don't know the person, try exchanging email back and forth first and ask for all the details about the league; details with which you can make sense of how it works. If the guy is trying to rip you off he will get tired of the questioning and run away.

        My leagues are in LeagueSafe and the money as per Leaguesafe's rules is FDIC-insured. League members vote on the End-of-Season Payout Rules (Commish control, Majority Vote or Unanimous Authorization) and everything is done by the book. I can't speak for everybody but I take pride running my leagues and I have no problem placing a big $0.00 next to my name if I get beaten. I will provide my personal info only when owners join the league and intend to stay.

        I know there are bad elements that know nothing of the sport and come online to try to scam unsuspecting people. Just be careful and use common sense when selecting a commish for your prize league. Also, not because you know the guy means you have to trust him blindly and not ask questions. It's your right and your responsibility to do so.

        JJ Garcia


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