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    ROTO/ H2H Prize Leagues

    I’m looking for competitive fantasy baseball owners. If anyone would like to play in my $30 H2H and $50 ROTO prize (cash) leagues this coming season please post on here or you can always look for my announcements here on the Yahoo Baseball Commissioner and General message boards when spring training kicks off. Just look out for my 'Pokerface' Yahoo Id.

    If truly interested and want to secure your spot in advance or if you need more info contact me at jgarciriz@yahoo.com or at fedspeakers@gmail.com.

    Last year I put together two money leagues using the yahoo sports commissioner tool to run the leagues and League Safe .com to safely handle all the finances in an established, trustable and secured place. Owners can also pay the entry fee through Pay Pal if preferred.

    There are many ways of winning in both H2H and Rotisserie formats. In the ROTO league the top four get one of the larger prizes and in the H2H league the top three (H2H Champ, Runner-up, and 3rd place finisher) win the main three prizes; but there are many other smaller regular season cash prizes (by weekly W-L-T in H2H and per categories in ROTO) to go around for all participants depending on season performance.

    Last season the Roto league winner won close to $300 (entry fee was $50). This year I am building spreadsheet tables and putting everything online in a leagues website that will have member profiles, all-time stats and all league-related finances.

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    • New $75 H2H & Rotisserie leagues available in LeagueSafe.

      The $30 16-team H2H league is full. I have one spot open in the $50 Rotisserie league but there are two owners inquiring so this one might be full too by the time you reply.

      I am opening two more leagues. Both are intended for $75 entry-fees. One is rotisserie style and the other is head-to-head. I'm thinking 12-14 teams for the h2h and 12-14 for the roto-style. As is the case with my first two money leagues both new leagues will have creative settings and multiple payouts. Both will be played in Yahoo Sports for free and the finances will be in LeagueSafe.com. 100% payouts immediately after the season concludes.

      Email me jgarciriz@yahoo.com or fedspeakers@gmail.com if you want a buy-in and for more details.

    • Last H2H spot available! Many inquiries, handful of reservations in. Come get it now. I also have a couple of Roto positions still open for the $50 league.

      I will start looking for owners interested in $75 H2H and Roto leagues very soon. My immediate goal is to find the ones I need for the $30 H2H and the $50 Roto leagues first before Yahoo opens registration but if you are looking for $75 cash leagues let me know.

      Remember I am not asking for anything right now. You pay in LeagueSafe.com before draft day when the leagues are up and running and you have looked around and made your mind that you want to stay.

      Ask me for the info for the $30 H2H and the $50 ROTO leagues. The new $75 leagues will have a similar payout structure with multiple payments. If you are exclusively looking for leagues with a "winner takes all" payout system then sorry but none of my leagues are tailored for you. I will never run such leagues because they are like gambling; way too risky and confrontations go to a level I am not willing to deal with. My leagues are not to make anybody rich; they are designed to make the game fun, competitive, to the very end and rewarding to those that persevere. What's wrong with that? "Winner takes all" is nothing but a magnet to cheaters and streamers that only have their mind on one thing and know nothing about the game of fantasy baseball.

      E-Mail: jgarciriz@yahoo.com, fedspeakers@gmail.com

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    • Need 2 more owners for H2H 16-team $30 league and 3 more for roto 13-team $50 league. Email me for league settings, cash prize distribution, rules, etc.

      Game is free on Yahoo. 100% paid out at the end of the season using Leaguesafe.com. Also, will take PayPal for those that prefer to pay with PayPal.

      Contact jgarciriz@yahoo.com or fedspeakers@gmail.com. Both leagues are money leagues on their 2nd year. Leagues are not keeper leagues. We do a brand new snake draft every season. Live drafts sometime in mid to late February. Early March at the latest.


    • I'm online now. Anybody interested please send email or contact me through Yahoo IM. Two spots open in H2H, three in rotisserie. Contact me and I'll send both league settings by email for review.


    • I have two more guys but still need two for the 16-team H2H league and four for 13-team roto. Come on, guys. These two leagues will be a lot of fun again this year as they were last season. And you don't need to pay in LeagueSafe until two or three days before the draft so there's plenty of time to look around the league once it is formed in Yahoo before you have to submit your payment. Leaguesafe.com will collect, hold and pay all winners at the end of the season. We will have league constitutions for each league with all the rules clearly stated as we did last season. The roto game has four large prizes for the top four teams and 36 smaller prizes ranging from $2 to $4 each to the top three in each category. The H2H league has three main prizes for the top three, 180 small prizes for all weekly match winners and divisional winners. The top eight - of 16 teams - make the 3-rds playoffs. By then you could have very well won back most of your entry fee. That, of course, unless you totally drop the ball in the draft. Come check it out. Email me at jgarcoiriz and I will tell you all about it.

      Btw.. did I mention I've been working on a prize leagues website with historical league stats and all. Yes, that will be up and running this year as the season unfolds.

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      • Typed my email wrong. It is jgarciriz@yahoo.com or fedspeakers@gmail.com.

        For now just email me expressing your interest and provide your name, email and team name you plan to use. Once Yahoo registration opens un in February and I have access to the league I will be sending all the invite to both the league in Yahoo and access to leaguesafe where you will make your league payment in a site with a secured server.

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