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  • Dylan M Dylan M Jan 7, 2011 9:19 AM Flag

    Active|Serious 3 Sport Keeper League Looking for Managers

    I have created a very serious new 3 sport keeper league. It will have baseball, basketball and football. This league is for active serious owners who will check regularly ONLY. We are in the process of voting on how many keepers we will have for each sport.

    I will be conducting an offline baseball draft starting either Friday night at 12:00 AM eastern time or Saturday night 12:00 AM eastern time depending on when we fill up with good managers. There will be 12 hours between picks however no one ever takes 12 hours so it wont be too too long.

    If you are interested please either email me at bballfreak21998@aol.com, Contact me on AIM at bballfreak21998 or on Yahoo! Messenger at dmend98.

    Keep in mind this is for VERY serious\active owners who love sports so do NOT even contact me if you will not be like this.

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