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  • Pokerface Pokerface Sep 28, 2010 10:14 PM Flag

    Stattracker now back.. but free in 2011?

    Yeah, Stattracker is back for me too. Maybe somebody over there screwed up and they just realized it now with all the complaining done on here. It would've been pretty lame charging $10 just for 6 days left of games. I mean, it would've literally undone the nice move Yahoo made at the start of the season by leaving the stattracker for free.

    I sure hope Yahoo does something about the live match feed too. That hasn't been updating stats live for a couple of weeks now. It updates the following day. It's always nice to have the live match feed for those of us that don't like opening the stattracker all the time.

    If yahoo keeps the stattracker for free next year I will certainly consider dropping Espn completely and play all my leagues with Yahoo. But Espn does have a free game with live feed and all and without charge... So Yahoo what is it going to be? If you bring back the Baseball PLUS will you go back to charging the free league users for the stattracker? Nobody is interested in Baseball PLUS because the prizes you used to have prior to this season - a t-shirt or bobblehead to the league winner - were pretty lame to say the least. And even so, many of us weren't eligible to even get that. I won two baseball PLUS leagues and still didn't get the annoying bobblehead just because I don't live in one of the few states that are eligible for prizes. What was that all about? Why so many freaky eligibility rules? We pay to play so why not get the prize? That's why I stopped playing in Baseball PLUS leagues in case you were wondering why people preferred the free version.

    So please leave the stattracker for free next year even if you bring back the Baseball PLUS leagues and folks like me will stay here instead of stampeding over to other free fantasy sites like Espn. Some folks seem not to agree Yahoo is a good place to play but I disagree. I love the games here. However, I must also say that a game without a live stat feed is dinosaur stuff compared to Espn simply because they do have free live stats every single day.


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