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  • Perplexed Perplexed Sep 27, 2010 8:58 PM Flag

    Yahoo Animal House Moves

    Yahoo has decided to invoke the double secret little known rule change for the number of moves allowed per week for the finals. According to Yahoo's Dean Wormer: instead of 6 moves per week as used all season and clearly stated on everyone's team page, you are allowed only 6 moves for the whole 2 week finals. Thanks for participating since April, but your championship has been revoked.

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    • its been like that every year. and every year, idiots like you are surprised by it. its still the same matchup, why would you get more moves?

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      • This is the first year Yahoo has limited moves for fantasy baseball. It clearly states on everyone's team page that moves are limited to 6 per WEEK, not 6 per scoring period. Even in the realms of rules Yahoo posts, the change in total moves during the TWO week championship round is obtuse and reads like a lawyer wrote it. Why change the rules only for the championship round is the point of this discussion and if so why keep it a secret. Also I don't appreciate being called an idiot.

    • So it's Yahoo's fault that you were too lazy to research the rules for the championship week.

    • Yep. I thought I was being smart using the remainder of my adds on good SPs for this week on Sunday. I did this in all my H2H leagues (3 total, including 2 in the championships). Now, if I need help in a category, I can only watch and hope. I'm going somewhere else next year. Thanks alot Yahoo!


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