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  • Perplexed Perplexed Sep 27, 2010 8:44 PM Flag

    Max moves whiners

    You totally miss the point. We all know the final round is 2 weeks long. The issue is the number of transactions allowed during those 2 weeks. Yahoo says very clearly on my team page that the max per WEEK is 6. Not 6 per scoring period. Yahoo changed the rules in mid-stream without even a courtesy warning. Thats the issue.

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    • not to whine because this is my first time in a two week finals but how come when i take a weeks vacation from WORK they ONLY give me 7 days off? one week =7days 2 weeks= 14 days.. last time i looked.. check ur calendar! yahoo check your terminology!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah you do have a point barracuda and they did put it up on Sept 22 but we already knew the rules. Maybe if you guys would've post something couple of week ago than someone could had told you. I seriously can't believe yahoo doesn't have the 4 max moved strict like they do in fantasy baseketball last year so no one couldn't stream shit in the playoff.


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