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  • Perplexed Perplexed Sep 27, 2010 2:02 PM Flag

    Yahoo Drops Ball on Max Moves

    Yahoo could have easily avoided all of this confusion about the number of transactions allowed during the championship final 2 weeks by simply sending out a note to all players during the week before the finals started. Yahoo send out a note explaining how all-star stats don't count (as if anyone thought they would). They could and should have advised everyone of this 6 move max for the full 2 weeks not 1 week as played for all the rest of the season. Its really disappointing to fight to get to the finals and then have the rules changed without even a courtesy notice.

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    • I am sooooo pissed about this! I'm in the championships in both my H2H league, and I had NO idea that it was 6 moves for the whole 2 weeks. I figured, come today (monday) that it would be like a normal week and we'd get 6 more adds. BUT NOOOOOOO!!! So I used up all my F'IN MOVES by sunday and now I'm SCREWED the rest of the week. I've been with Yahoo since 2004, but next year, I am going somewhere else. Thanks alot yahoo!

    • They send out notes for the AS game because people send in dumb complaint about it so much. If you're in a public league there is no max moves and everyone should've had know whatever your max moved is you won't get it double next week if you have been playing for year so it not yahoo fault. It probably yahoo fault for not put a 4 max moves per week to prevent streaming like they do in fantasy basketball but that it. You should've had been on this board last week if you really think think you was going to get 12 moves in 2 weeks heck no don't need all those extra move to win a game.


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