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    Desperate People!

    So I'm in the playoffs, I was in first place literally all season long. But of course since the playoffs are a complete crap shoot, I could possibly lose if i have a bad weekend. Injury's are hurting me big lets put it that way. But i still have a good enough team to get through this. The only thing that is bothering me, is the guy I'm playing. He is in complete desperation mode, and has been since Monday. Everyday he drops and adds, ends up with 3 or 4 starting pitchers everyday. Now you would think that his E.R.A would be an exploding 9 plus. But he's been extremely lucky! He will easily have wins and K's. If my offense just did it's job or wasn't banged up this wouldn't be a problem at all! but now I got my back against the wall, It's comical really He must have used 60 players this week alone. I feel like my team which is a Legit team is going up against the entire M.L.B. It's Absolute Luck if this guy pulls this off and its very frustrating. I could do the same thing to get wins and K's but then I'm Sacrificing my good players for average if not below average players just to get wins and K's. And most likely get shelled in turn blow up my E.R.A. and WHIP. It would put next week in jeopardy and completely ruin my team that i drafted, and put together very well. This whole thing puts good fantasy owners in a bad spot it's really unfair. I'm just here to vent this frustration, and would like other peoples thoughts on this matter. The team with the best record all year should win the entire thing because of this very reason. I feel the same way in other leagues where I won and didn't have the best team, I either got hot at the right time or the other team got cold. And I understand doing whatever you gotta do to win, but this is ridiculous, it's not like a last effort kind of thing do what u gotta do. It's been load up and drop Because He can afford to do it. Since his team sucks anyway, really not giving anything up type deal. And He's been Extremely lucky. Thanks for taking the time out to read this book.

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    • I agree with those saying just have a max move limit as long as it's done before the draft.

      I draft all my teams to the league I'm in and last year I won with streaming. I drafted that way. Come mid-season some of the managers wanted to change the rules to have a move limit. In the end it didn't happen, but I figured it might this year (Plus they added CG and SHO to the pitching h2h stats) so I drafted starter heavy. After the draft they wanted to remove those stats. I said hell no unless we re-draft. I don't understand those that can't see that people can and do draft to the rules of their league.

      Now I'm in the finals and streaming again since I noticed the guy I'm up against was doing it earlier. Since I happen to get up pretty early for work I figured I may as well beat him to the punch. Also I went way down in saves early so I ditched all my closers and bench and I have been grabbing 4-10 starters per day, dependent on lineup holes. My opponent continued to try to match my streaming for a while but getting the scraps has really done a number on his ERA and WHIP and I'm getting ready to finish him off (Knock on wood).

      Do I feel bad about it? No. The rules allow it. I'm for any wacky rules you want to come up with as long as I get to see them before the draft. But don't expect me to be nice and ignore it if the commish leaves an exploit in them. I would expect anyone else in my league to behave the same way.

    • lol wow u guys are still talking about this! hahha I knew this would get a lot of attention but damn. Anyway I ended up winning 5 3. And i didn't need to use 900 moves to do it. All it took was one pickup to get me an sb or 2. Let that be a lesson to all you streamers. For all who understood my initial post you have something called logic. For all who bashed me and took shots. Your just the guy who ends up with 600 moves on the waiver wire at the end of the year. Do I even need to explain why this is bad for a league? Work on your draft! Much love 2 everyone.

      And hell yeah I'm only playing in leagues with max moves from now on. Way more competitive and skill based.

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      • this thread is funny. one group crying about the streamers, and the streamers claiming superior management skills. to the author: always a solid play to insult everyone who disagrees with you. one question, how does it take more skill to not stream? streaming is a risky move and it takes more skill than any other aspect of fantasy baseball to pick correct matchups so as not to blow up your ERA and WHIP. Drafting is important but not as important as waiver wire speculation... that is what makes champions. you are a noob. As a noob you should definitely play in max move leagues, which was designed so people who don't pay attention are not at a disadvantage... So keep on being logically superior and have fun playing in girlfriend leagues.

    • Head to head leagues should end a week earlier like Fantasy Football, too many factors beyond the control of the manager.
      Leagues also need a weekly transaction limit and
      minimum innings pitched number of at least 35.

    • Move limits are standard in Yahoo public leagues and I assume in the baseball as well.

      I said last year they would be soon for this very reason. The very best redemption was beating a guy in the head to head finals who did this last year AND he had over 200+ moves for the year.

    • I was in first place the last half of the year and I did exactly what this guy did. I picked up the probables everyday, knowing I would monopolize on offense as I did all season and would do the same on wins, quality starts and Ks. I lucked out and even took WHIP and missed taking ERA... I lost out there by .06 there.. I didnt care about pitching averages for the championship and took a totally different approach than I did all year long. Result, I won my league. Its all about getting an edge. If there isnt a rule against it, you shouldn't complain. Plain and simple.

    • It's not luck if he wins. He most know something about baseball. Sucks but he must be unemployed

    • i agree man....its stupid that the winner can be the #6 seed; it's basically based on how u do for a couple of weeks-bullshit.

    • I avoid the problem by joining leagues with max moves per week. That way there is some leeway to deal with injuries but you can avoid the streaming.

    • Whenever people play that way, I just individually add and drop every probable pitcher, so they can't picked up. Beat 'em at their own game.

    • If private league get the other owners to pick up the Probable picthers to prevent the streaming.Can also load up on RPS to lower your ERA and WHIP.Plus your Winning % is the first Tie Breaker. Play for a tie = a win.

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