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  • Bax Bax Aug 27, 2010 7:24 PM Flag

    Strasburg = Prior

    The moment he got drafted I said this guy is gonna be the next AJ Burnett, only with hype. Burnett had a promising start to his carreer, so did SS... burnett had Tommy John surgery... so did SS... and he is going to comeback and go from team to team with a rediculous paycheck, and underpreform.

    Serves the nationals right for tanking to get Harper... Dunn, Zimmerman, along with good speedy guys at the top of the order is decent, not worthy of 80 wins, but thats NOT bad enough to lose 103 games... The nationals didnt give 100% all 2009... They are the biggest joke in baseball... The Expos sucked, but atleast they gave 100% every night.

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