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    The top 25 prospects in the major leagues

    1) Evan Longoria 3rd base Tampa Bay Rays
    Still only 24 years old, coming off a 100 run, 33 homer run, 113 RBI season.
    His batting average is up to .300 this season and he has started stealing bases (13)
    On the defencive side, there is no 3rd baseman close to being as good as Evan.
    This is the most coveted players in baseball!

    2) Jason Heyward Out Field Atlanta Braves
    Jason's swing is as fast as a swing can be, and his power is evident.
    Although only 20 years old, he's a very patient hitter, walking already 42 times in his first season.
    Heyward's gonna be around for a very long time, so get used to him.

    3) Joe Mauer Catcher Minnesota Twins
    Even though this guy is 27, he remains the tiger woods of catchers.
    He holds a career .323 batting average, coming off a remarkable .365 batting average season.
    He's probably one the favorite catchers to throw to.
    One could argue that he is the most coveted asset in the game.

    4) Jonathon Broxton Closer LA Dodgers
    This 26 year old, is the best pitcher in the game.
    He's a closer, so he dosent' have to stay out there, but while he's up on the mound, he is the most dominating of them all.
    Since pitching in the major leagues, he has 475 strike-outs in 355 innings,
    Without argument, he is the best closer in the game.

    5) Stepehn Strasburg Starting Pitcher Washington Nationals
    When this 21 year old takes the mound, everyone watches.
    He's the most watched starting pitcher since he joined the major leagues, and he has not disapointed.
    2.32 era, 1.01 whip, and 61 k's in 42.2 innings pitched.
    Whats most remarkable about his pitch is its movement.
    Strasburg has surpassed Lincecum as the #1 Starter in the game

    6) Bryce Harper Outfield Washington Nationals
    This is the youngest player on this list, and based on the little we've seen from him,
    he is considered by many, the most coveted player in baseball.

    7) Carl Crawford Outfield Tampa Bay Rays
    This is one of my favorite players in baseball.
    He's an all rounder with speed, power, fielding, and an overall perfection in all aspects of his game.
    he's batting .321! He led all players in stolen bases with 60!
    He's looking to better that as he has 31 half way through this season.

    8) Tim Lincecum Starting Pitcher San Fransisco Giants
    This 26 year old is a strike-out artist.
    He has 807 strikouts in 715 innings pitched since joining the major leagues.
    He's got a 2.94 era and a 1.17 whip.
    His pitches have great movement, and his style of throwing is awesome.

    9) Ryan Braun Outfield Milwakee Brewers
    I'm not a fan of Braun, but i can't not put him in this list.
    He's 26 years old, and is one of the abolute elite bats in the game.
    He's got a career 305 batting average, and has 106 homeruns so far.

    10) Joakim Soria Closer Kansas City Royals
    One of the dominating pitchers in the game.
    26 years old, with a career 2.13 era and 0.9 whip.
    He records more than a strikout per inning

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