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  • Bo M Bo M Jul 3, 2010 10:58 PM Flag

    Strasburg Not All That

    yankees build there team anyway they want to. I rember one time reading one year where one team made money in mlb and all the others lost and guess who made the money it was the one that spent the most. People are willing to pay for a good team and not willing to pay for the sorry teams. of course there are a few teams that can not get the market but alot of cities could do the same thing yankees are doing and fill their stadiums.

    I mean it is unfair in baseball to let a team that drafts you to tell you what you will make. This did not happen with strasburg though. I think baseball should set a cap on draft picks so if somebody is drafted below you they will not make more on a contract than guy above them. I think i have heard of this in other sports. i wish strasburg would have moved out of the us so he could demand what he could get in a free market and make mlb decide to look at what i call slavery of mlb. by teams powning players right and nothing the player can do but either sign a contract with them or not play a year and hope he gets drafted by a team that will pay him more fairly.

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    • you are dumb as fuck......if the kid doesnt want to sign then they can reenter the draft the next year (like JD Drew did) so there is no "slavery".....if the kid wants to play that year then they sign.....if not wait a year. Either way they have a choice so its not slavery. And the cardinals have 2+ million fans show up every year without the highest payroll in baseball so idk wat ur talking about only one team made money in a certain year.....also NO OTHER TEAM besides the mets can spend that much money (maybe the red sox) and get away with it because there are so many TV contracts etc in NYC and BOS that it generates a shit ton of their revenue.....so in a city like stl we cannot spend that much money and still make a profit but ur too stupid to know that...


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