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    who to drop when beltran comes back? help please

    beltran should be coming back in 2-3 weeks and i need some help deciding who to drop.

    my team

    C-posada (C,U)
    1b-fielder (1b,U)
    2b-figgins (2b,3b,U)
    3b- A-rod (3b,U)
    ss-Reyes (ss,U)
    OF-Matt Holliday (OF)
    OF-Carlos Gonzalez (OF)
    OF-Carlos Quentin (OF)
    U-Glaus (1b)
    BN-Juan Uribe (1b,3b, 2b, SS, U)
    BN-michael cuddyer (1b,3b,of,U)
    BN-brennan boesch (OF)
    BN-alex gonzalez (ss)

    SP-Felix Hernandez
    SP-jon Lester
    SP-Justin Verlander
    P-Cliff Lee
    BN-Jaime Garcia

    Id like to thin up my pitching staff but im not sure who to drop. id like to give volquez a few starts before i decide on him. if he does bad he's the obvious one to go. other than that its between peavy, garcia, and aardsma. peavy has been pitching good as of late. garcia started off hot but hasnt been real good his last 2 or so games. and aardsma has 3 or 4 blown saves and wont get a lot of save opportunities with seattle... or i could try and trade verlander and garcia for a guy like lincecum

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    • Aardsma...he plays on a bad team and will not get enough saves to justify keeping him

    • drop Uribe.

    • Leaving a the possibility of a trade out of this AND leaving Edinson Volquez out of this, here is the drop order I would have for when Beltran comes back.
      1) Alex Gonzalez - you have Reyes and Gonzalez has really fallen off.
      2) Carlos Quentin - you are deep as it is at OF. Quentin kills your BA and gets zero steals.
      3) Brennan Boesch - sort of the same reason as above except Boesch is playing well and this would only be if he falls off before Beltran comes back.
      4) Mike Pelfrey - I know he's pitched well this year so i doubt you really consider dropping him, but i trust Peavy more than him and i certainly don't consider the Mets serious contenders.


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