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  • Darryl Darryl Jun 29, 2010 8:44 AM Flag

    RP (Save) Help!!

    Looking for some help with my closers/saves.

    My RP include; Lindstrom, Thornton & Axford.

    Available RP include; Alredo Simon, Kerry Wood, Fernando Rodney, Trevor Hoffman, Luke Gregerson, JJ Putz, Arthur Rhodes

    Who would you drop and pick-up? Any other suggestions?

    My other pictures; Garza, Sabathia, Pelfrey, Strasburg, Floyd, Hudson & Beckett (DL spot)

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    • your lucky I don't have access to any of those guys in my league. I would pickup Simon and drop Thorton

    • Thorton's not the closer for the White Sox, so that's part of your problem. He is the temp closer while Jenks is out for a few days, but after that, he's going back to the set-up role. Of the ones you listed, Wood and Simon are closers right now, but neither of them are great options cause every time they're on the mound, you don't know if they'll implode or not.

      Hoffman will likely get the job back at some point, cause the Brewers really want him to get his 600th save. Rodney's next in line in LA, and at some point Fuentes will most likely get hurt or lose the job. Putz splits with Thorton for being next in line, but he won't get a lot of opportunities. The other two are fantastic set-up men and are behind pretty good closers, so they aren't likely to get many opportunities either.

      Best option, if you're desperate for saves, is either Wood or Simon. But again, only if you're desperate for saves, cause those two will eventually kill your ratios.


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