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    do people check their emails ?

    not here to complain or anything but was wondering what people opinions are, i sent a couple trades to people in my league for some starting pitchers i offered players like rios zobrist glaus wagner not shitbums. i know i try to check mine once twice a day didnt know how other people felt when you offer a trade and no one gets back to you

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    • im still trying to get ONE starting pitcher from anyone in my league and i dont wanna seem like a douche be offering people trades a few times when theres response this really is starting to frustarte cause fantasy sports are supposed to be good competetive fun

    • I fell your pain, I once tried to trade Man Ram for either Scutaro or Reyes (he also has Hanley) & the other manager hasn't reponded in over 3 weeks. The other guy is at the bottom of the standings & probably isn't even paying attention anymore, his top OF is Lind & he still has Sizemore in the line up, figures

    • People are not retards just because they dont answer e-mails. maybe there at work, or only have a few minutes to set there line-up and go. I do agree I have been in leagues where there are some people who dont even look at their teams for a week or two and those people should be banned from everything. Because if you join something at least be involved or get the hell out of it.

    • I don't think you can drop a manager. you have to ride it out unfortunately. I joined a second league outside of my own even though I didn't want to because my 8 team league plays with enough intensity so I didn't need another. After being talked into it I'm playing teams that still have Ellsbury, Morales among others as active in their starting lineups. I don't even bother anymore because if they don't care then I don't care so I know where you are coming from. My 8 team league has respectful trash talk, fair trades all the time and total respect for one another. It makes a world of difference. Keep my league in mind next year and I will keep yours in mind too. I am looking to expand to 10 teams but no more than that. It's head to head with two divisions. Fee is $100.00 but if you want your first year to be free to see if you like that's fine too. My email is stevedccc@comcast.net

    • I feel the same way. Funny though - there's 5 of us who like to trade and get the same response when we try. Are we really in the minority? This is my first time in the Yahoo league but do the MLB Fantasy league too and find the same issues. People don't adjust their lineups, respond to emails or replace their players on the DL - it really takes the fun out of it all. Maybe next year we should form our own private league.

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      • yes i agree and when you guys do form a league invite me...im so sick of this shit..almost every team of mine has so much to offer in a trade and damn near everyone doesnt do shit..and when someone does come on...i get offered sandoval for braun..not cool..especially cuz i have youk and wright at 1st and 3rd.... keep me at the top of your invite list for next year..(im on 2 times a day too managing 12 of my own teams and my little bros 4 teams in the am and noon to see whos sitting)

    • 740854

      password aroid. most people that are in this mid season league are good with stuff like that

    • 25% of people have not responded to my trades. These are the ones that have guys benched when they did not play from last week.

    • i dont think so. ive gone through the same thing :( it sucks

    • The vast majority of people are retards and joined fantasy baseball leagues because of an article they probably read on CNN.com. That is why I dislike public leagues, they are terribly boring. Talk about people not responding to trades, people don't set their roster for days and don't bother to move players to the DL. So if that helps you, people are fucking retards.


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