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  • Joe Joe May 27, 2010 11:36 AM Flag

    WTF Wieters!? Should i drop this guy?

    Wieters is NOT producing AT ALL! He seems to be the only week link on my team. Miguel Olivo and Rod Barajas are available.... Should i drop Wieters and pick up one of those guys?

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    • I agree with most of the anti-Wieters sentiment here and would suggest either a.) drop him if you're willing to take the risk that he could very well turn it around b.) as someone else suggested, drop a weak bench player (if you have one) and add Barajas with Wieters still on as a good back-up catcher or PREFERABLY c.) try to trade him (some managers love the hype and the thought of buying low so you could surely find a buyer) for some value at another position then once the trade goes down grab Barajas.

      Now time for a mini-rant. It drives me crazy when people talk about an unproven but talent-rich player like Wieters as if he's God when he has only produced moderately in the bigs. Yes, he had his breakout towards the end of last year. That happens ALOT. I'm a Tigers fan so I'll use a Tigers analogy (and please spare me any flaming). Last year Alex Avila came up late in the season and hit extremely well with some real pop and looked like a lock for our future catcher. This year he's batting the wrong side of .200 and he has 2 RBIs. Now I'm not saying Wieters is even in the same ballpark as Avila. Wieters is a MUCH more talented player with a much better CHANCE at being a beast. All I'm saying is that sometimes a player comes up, does well, then once the ABs start piling up they don't look so golden anymore. In real life you'd never kick a guy like Wieters to the curb because his potential is so great, but in a yearly, no-keepers fantasy league that might be exactly what you have to do.

      One final note. Some of these people saying Barajas is a bum and can't keep this up just rub me the wrong way. Yes, I agree he won't hit 40 plus homers so I guess he won't technically keep up an 11 homer per 50 games pace BUT players DO have statistically ridiculous peak years from time to time. Barajas has always had some pop so maybe he's seeing the ball a bit better now and the result is more consistent homers and a slightly higher BA. This happens all the time like Brandon Inge's 27 HR performance last season (again, I'm a Tigers fan, I know he eventually dropped off the map) which was way out of character but provided some very real fantasy value. I'm not saying Barajas is headed to Cooperstown, just saying if he has a 25-30 HR year I'd much rather have made the switch to him than waited out Wieters and see him struggling all year through a sophomore slump.

    • pick John Jaso...he's doing the job

    • i have wieters. hopefully he can turn it around. he's definitely the only bad player on my team. barajas is long gone in my league. i'm gonna pick up buster posey next week as i have already used my 3 adds this week. not sure if i can keep wieters on the bench since i really don't have anyone to drop. might just drop wieters. fucken wieters. what a disappointment.

    • I suggest picking up Rod Barajas ... I drop Wieters weeks ago ...

    • I just dropped your Weak link for Buster Posey...Anyone have Santana?

    • I just dropped Wieters for Napoli since he's getting full time at 1b and heating up. I would take Barajas.

    • 1) Do you want a part-time guy playing a full-time position?
      2) Do you want your catcher playing half his games at Camden, Citi or Coors?
      3) How long are you willing to wait?

      Barajas is streaky and injury-prone, but he is hitting well now and is THE guy for the Mets. Olivo is hitting well now, but has Iannetta behind him, and the Rockies have committed a lot of salary to Iannetta for a few years, so they have to play him Olivo gets 3/4 of the at-bats, at best, at catcher. Wieters is THE guy for the O's and will be for quite a while; he's still developing on a team with a lot of guys that are still developing, so the upside for Wieters long-term is HUGE.

      Barajas is not a long-term solution; his numbers won't hold up. Olivo is not going anywhere, but he's not the best option due to his situation of splitting time. So, Wieters is probably what you should stick with.

      I should note that Iannetta could be trade-bait (think Boston), which could land the Rockies prospects they need to continue competing with the Dodgers. If Iannetta gets traded, Olivo would be all alone to continue producing. At Coors (look at his Home/Away splits, they're ridiculous). So, keep Olivo in mind late in the season if Wieters still isn't producing and Iannetta lands somewhere else.

      Just a thought.

    • are u guys kidding??? wieters is top 5 catcher he'll come around it would be the biggest fantasy mistake you ever made if you drop him

    • i agree theirs no reason Barajas should be available, but i wouldnt get to excited about catchers...

    • if barajas is available in your fantasy league then the people you are playing with in your league are not playing with full decks. Barajas is the second ranked catcher at this point in the season, i know hes not better to have than mauer but barajas is even ranked higher than him at this point.

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