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  • Theodore Theodore May 24, 2010 3:06 PM Flag

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    C-Bengie Molina
    1B-Kendry Morales
    2B-Robinson Cano
    3B-Evan Longoria
    SS-Raphael Furcal
    OF-Bobby Abreu
    OF-Alex Rios
    OF-Johnny Damon
    UTIL-Brennan Boesch
    UTIL-Corey Hart
    BN-Ian Stewart
    BN-Nick Swisher

    SP-CC Sabathia
    SP-AJ Burnett
    SP-Scott Baker
    SP-Carlos Zambrano
    SP-Randy Wells
    SP-Jeff Francis
    SP-Mat Latos
    SP-Brett Anderson
    SP-JA Happ
    RP-Matt Capps
    RP-Chad Qualls

    I know my relief situation is a joke. My offense is top 3 in every category. My pitching is getting better but still not great. I didnt draft this team, I took it over. With te exception of a couple of those pitchers I had to revamp that entire staff. There is NOT A SINGLE CLOSER available in free agency. Unless you count Trevor Hoffman and I do not. I have bee trying to trade for one but since they are ALL taken the price is sky high. People are trying to get an ace for the likes of Matt Lindstrom. Its a 12 team head to head league with 10 categories. Runs,rbi,hr,sb,avg,wins,saves,k's,era and whip. It seems like I only have two options as far as closers are concerned. I have only won that category once and that was this last week and only because they only let Qualls into games with one out to go now. So I can either ride it out and hope a closer gets hurt and hope to be the one that snatches up his replacement. I've worked my ass off to fix this team. Hours of research. If you don't think it looks good now you should have seen it when i started. Anyway option b would be the crazy unpopular route of trading away the two closers and trying to maximize talent everywhere else. It seems like a decent thought but I'm not sure. There is also very limited options for starting pitching out there. Derek Holland is really the only noteworthy one. Harden is out there but I already went down that road and it ended badly. I fear my only option might be is trading CC for a solid starter and a good closer. Please let me know what you think. What moves should I make? Who should I trade? Who could I get?

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    • Yeah I only picked up Dice k on the off chance the other day wasnt a fluke. I mean if he could keep it up it would be like i hit the freakin lottery lol. But i hear ya on damon, i have been trying to move him

    • damon and dice-k are crap! try to upgrade in fa or something!!. and for anyone who thinks dice-k will continue to do what he did the other night you are crazy then. I rather have derrick holland on my roster. At least I know I can count on era of 4.00 or less.

    • Man, people can give some weird advice on some of these treads. I can see how your pitching would frustrate the hell out of you. If you can get a decent rp for Burnett or Latos, I'd move either one. Your best bet though is to find a team with a good closer that needs offense and do a package deal. Something like Rios and Randy Wolf for Heath Bell and whoever.

    • I think you should trade Burnett for a top notch closer. You can also drop Stewart and immediately pick up Hoffman. He will retain his job as a closer very soon. The Brewers are not paying all that money for him to sit on bench. And if you think I'm wrong, I would advise you picking up Villanueva since he is the temp closer. I would rather have Hoffman on my team though because he is going to work out whatever issue that was hampering him. You might also consider getting rid of Brett Anderson. He is a middle-lower tier pitcher. Mine as well hold onto Qualls until something is made official. I only have three closers on my team but a bit more talented. You just need one more closer and you can compete for the category each week. Good Luck

    • It looks like your OF could use a true #1 guy, but Rios has been great so far. I like Damon as a good run producer, with decent steals and power. Boesch has been great for the Tigers. It was at thrill to see him hit that bomb in front of his family. I'd say ride him for awhile, batting behind Cabrera has made things easier, and he should continue to pick up some rbis for now.

      I think 3 relievers are ideal, so maybe trade for one since you have so many starters. Also, I like CC but you might need one more bonafide ace to count on. Pretty good overall.

    • I will admit I am not an expert at fantasy... but first of all start Stewart instead of Boesch. Also, I think you could move Happ into relief. If you were to trade Qualls and Capps for a better closer you could place Happ there and pick up another starter. I know you will get less saves, but it is 1 option of many others. I do not think you should trade CC so maybe you could try trading Baker or Burnett for a closer.

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      • Ive considered trading one of them for a closer but my problem is that after cc baker and burnett my talent level drops off severely and everyone else has a big ol question mark next to them. They COULD all be good but it depends on matchups. I think if i got rid of one of them it would hurt me.

    • Please I need all the advice I can get


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