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  • Fat Man In A Tanktop Fat Man In A Tanktop May 20, 2010 1:09 AM Flag

    How much is too much?

    Let me start by saying we are in a very competitive, very offensive-in-our-smack talk league.

    We all know eachother (or are connected through friends.) We all knew what we were getting ourselves in to. We all knew that other managers were going to use ANYTHING to smack talk opposing managers. (IE Facebook comments, embarrassing pictures, job/life situations, etc.) One year we had a manager suffer a very damaging job loss... and we wouldn't let him forget about it all year.

    The only rule/understanding was everything stays on the message boards. (IE, no emailing wives, bosses, mothers, etc).

    Well anyway, the past week I drew one of the quieter managers in the league, and my main goal was to get him so mad at me that he'd join in the fun and talk some ish. The guy is obsessed with Magic: The Gathering. His myspace/facebook are private, so I had to work with what I had.

    After a few days of unsuccessfully trying to lure him out of hiding, he made the mistake of posting a picture of his wife as his default facebook photo. She isn't attractive. At all. I'm sure everyone sees where this is going. I found my angle.

    After a few days of comments about her acne scars and cellulite, I finally got him to snap. He stopped his vague "cheeky" insults and let loose a flurry of F-Bombs and hurtful insults. I loved it.

    After a close loss on Sunday, police found him dead. He had hung himself.... Okay, I'm totally joking. But he did threaten to "cut me" and vowed to do whatever he could to ruin my "real" life. With all these social networking sites, and the internet in general, this wouldn't be too hard.

    Has this ever happened to anyone? I'm too stubborn to apologize, so I figure in a week I'll either be stabbed, fired, or arrested, and just wanted to get some opinions before it happens.

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