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  • Chris Chris May 16, 2010 1:52 AM Flag

    Bad Commissioner

    Bad Commissioner, please spread the word!!

    Name: dxd

    User Name: diamondxdave

    Email Address: diamondxdave@yahoo.com

    Current League: ID# 316030

    Commissioner has locked nearly every team at one time or another within the first 40 games of the season. He has made up rules that make no sense, and were clear at all how they would work or be implemented. This led to my team dropping Aaron Hill because he was doing poorly and I had a better 2B. I was locked for doing this, and others were locked for objecting to my team being locked. He has also moved players on teams that are locked, including moving all of my players to the bench so no scoring can be made.

    Please spread this information to as many as can read it!! You do not want to be in a league with this person!!

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    • thanks for seeing it as a good idea...i catch one every once in awhile. :)

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      • He just did it to me in my League, too. I was in first place in my league while he was in 4th. The second place team offered a trade that would make my team and his team stronger, but not weaken us. He vetoed the trade and then locked me out of my team when I had the audacity to suggest he had no basis for vetoing the trade. Total #$%$.

    • Wow I usually read these boards for entertainment reasons and always feel like I come away a little more dumber.

      HOWEVER!!! Chris, you actually have a great idea on rating commissioners. Seems like it would be an easy thing for Yahoo to put into place, and would make a big difference.

    • good ideas. a ratings system would be excellent.
      when yahoo sends out that feedback survey at the end of season (they did for hockey, anyway), everybody should lobby for those ideas. maybe if enough people request it, they'll do something.

    • Yahoo won't intervene...Checked the rules, and corresponded with them just to make sure...they won't.

      I wouldn't want them to waste time on such things really because as stated already, there are thousands of these. However, they could allow for a rating system for commissioners. This would allow people to see if a commissioner is new, rated well, etc.

      Plus, I think they can design commish powers a bit better. To openly allow a commissioner to unilaterally take over an entire league and ruin the league for 10+ players is ridiculous.

    • there's a reason why yahoo won't get involved in private leagues.

      there are many thousands of these cheating commish cases every season.
      while it's too bad every time it happens, yahoo already has enough trouble keeping up with bugs, stat corrections, players missing from the database, and so on.
      getting sucked into the morass that is private-league cheating would be a huge drain on resources, and drag down yahoo's spotty service even more.

      I'd rather see yahoo commit to fixing bugs faster and policing public leagues (which they do, if contacted).

    • This is an abuse situation, not acting as a go between. It is worth a shot, and better to try something, than to do nothing! If the commissioner is manipulating rosters and doing unethical things they should have the responsibility to act as the league administrator. Whether they will, is the real question.

    • Are you still in the league?

    • Greatest Championship History™ Greatest Championship History™ May 16, 2010 6:17 AM Flag

      you know what chris, there are a lot of stupid managers like you who doesn't learn. Every year, BS happens like these. The problem is, you don't read on the message boards so that you can learn things how to prevent things from happening like the one you just experienced. 1st things 1st, dont join a private league if you don't know the commish. Of course, most of the time, you don't know the commish. If in case you really don't know the commish, check his trophy profile. If he won the championship in leagues which he is the commish, that's one BS sign. If the guy doesn't have a league that's been running for more than 2 years, chances are, that's just a one time league which he could screw it up before the end of the season. One of the main problem of private leagues is you'll never know how many teams one manager has in that league. That's why BS trades happen most of the time and no one can veto it coz the commish set the trade rules according to his liking.


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