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  • weeman24 weeman24 May 14, 2010 4:48 PM Flag

    Are more than 2 RP a waste?

    It's my first year playing fantasy so this may sound stupid but it seems to me that Even middle tier SP are more valuable in a H2H league than upper tier RP.
    For example I have
    Cordero 89pts (owned 93%)
    Franklin 76pts (owned 87%)
    Rauch 69pts (owned 83%)

    I could have FA like
    Ian Kennedy (95pts)
    Matt Latos ((95pts)
    Carlos Silva. (94pts)

    I know existing pts stand for nothing but surly Latos for example will get more pts than Rauch/Franklin by the end of the season.
    I just feel i might be doing something stupid dropping Rauch???

    All comments appreciated.

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    • Firstly, don't drop rauch. try and compete in every category if you can, if only to keep the other team honestly competing in them as well.

      Starters generally get you lots of wins and strikeouts. However, starters tend to make a heavier influence on era/whip than closers do. This could be good or bad. If you have starters that are consistent and don't have days where they give up seven earned runs, they will help you. Closers and other relief pitchers have better ratios though. While I wouldn't use regular relief pitchers, I would not drop any closer. Some people use a couple efficient starters and then a bunch of closers and will usually win whip/era/saves, and compete for wins and strikeouts. People who punt saves and just use starters tend to win wins and strikeouts, but lose saves outright, and have to have some pretty darn good starters to win era/whip.

      But, to each his own. It really depends on your competition. All I can say is hang onto your closers, as there are limited supply, and dont give your opponents a weapon to use against you.

    • In a H2H league, sometimes people completely punt the save category and load up on starters. What they hope is that, even though they lose saves, they take wins and K's and hopefully ERA and WHIP. You take a chance because with starters, a couple of bad games can completely ruin your week. It's a bit easier to make up a bad reliever's day. Not only that, but at most a starter pitches twice a week. Some of the really good relievers pitch 3-5 times a week. Even though they might not match up in innings, they're better than a middle tier starter that goes 6 innings for the week and coughs up 4 runs.

      It's really based on what the rest of your team looks like. If you're pretty confident that you can take at least 3 pitching categories and at least 3 batting ones, go ahead and load up on starters.

      Anyway, here's my thoughts on the guys you listed. Latos is on an inning count for the year (~150), so he'll be limited towards the end of the year. Silva's been crazy lucky this year, and the past 3 years he's sucked, so you can probably expect a bad stretch soon. Kennedy's been pretty good so far, so he's probably your best bet in the long run. Short term though, I would pick up Latos.


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