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  • Wayne Dutch Wayne Dutch May 12, 2010 8:26 PM Flag

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need to make a move fast. Im losing every week and agian Im losing this week. i like my team but im really frustrated. Please help! 12 team head to head

    C: Snyder
    1B: Butler
    2B Weeks
    3B: Cantu
    OF Werth
    OF J. Upton
    OF Headley
    Util Konerko
    Util Wigginton
    Util C. Lee
    Bn Figgins
    BN Lopez
    BN Kubel

    Sp Zito
    SP Romero
    SP Gallardo
    SP J. Johnson
    SP Marcum
    SP Carmona( swtiched everyday based on matchups)
    RP Soria
    RP Baliey
    RP Cordero
    RP downs (holds)

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    • You have some serious revamping to do. Trade Konerko, you can get great value out of him since he is hot, make sure you get enough though. Trade for hitting. Butler is no good, wait on Carlos Lee, you will get no trade value out of him, so just wait. I would also trade Werth and Cantu. Keep Weeks. When you are trading dont trade for pitching, trade for hitting. Pitching is easier to pick up, whereas guys like David Wright, Joey Votto etc are not. Make sure you get good values.

      Guys I like and how hard it is to get them:

      Ryan Braun (very hard)
      Grady Sizemore (You can get a good deal he is struggling)
      Joey Votto (May be difficult, dont try too hard)
      David Wright (May also be difficult, but very good.)
      Mark Teixeira (I would strongly advise going for him, do like Werth and Zito for Teix and another hitter)

      Also, since you count holds try picking up Joel Zumaya.

    • Snyder, Headley and Carlos Lee are busts so far, but its a long season so hold your position, unless Rod Barajas or Christian Guzman are in free Agency then grab em!!


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