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  • Bax Bax Apr 24, 2010 11:39 PM Flag

    Boston Red Sox

    What a trainwreck.
    VMart, Youkillis, Pedrioa, then...
    SS- aging Marco Scutaro
    3B- Dry Adrian Beltre/disaster of a Mike Lowell
    LF- Injury prone Ellsbury in place of Bay
    CF- Mike Cameron replacing the bat of Bay...
    RF - JD Drew... FINNITO
    DH - David Ortiz.................

    say no more, are these guys done or what?

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    • red sox blow..yankees own!

    • Even with the bat of Jason Bay last year, everyone said that they were always ONE BIG BAT away from being a really good team. Probably enough to be in the World Series. However, you take out Wagner/Saito in the pen and put Lackey in an already crowded rotation. Then remove Jason Bay's bat 36HR-100+RBI? That's one less bat removed from when they already NEEDED another bat. I see this team being a lot worse than what they were last year. I thought going into the offseason with a low budget was a way to save $$$$ for the possible signings of Joe Mauer / Carl Crawford by the end of 2010. Though Mauer resigned to a big contract and NYY is looking into Crawford.=[ They should make a bigger push for Adrian Gonzalez this year if they want to contend against NYY/TB/and maybe even TOR.

    • unfortunately i think they are fucked...this is by far the worst team they've had in a while...still got a good core of players though Youk, Pedrioa, V-Mart (maybe not really sold on him so far this year) Weird to imagine the 2nd highest payroll in the MLB doesn't have 1 i mean 1 legit 30 HR threat guy on their team...Sox better pull of something big b4 the trade deadline that's all I have left to say here...I think I speak for all Sox fans

    • scutaro, cameron, ortiz, drew, ellsbury, beltre are done this year. Mike lowell i think has something left to prove if big papi sits on the bench where he belongs.

    • +: where do you think they will finnish? they finnished 8 up on the WC with a full team last year... now this?!?... I say they are going to finnish 3rd, and win 83 games


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