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  • Michael Michael Apr 14, 2010 12:27 PM Flag

    which OF is the best option?

    Depends on needs-all threee are interesting and have risks.

    Posednick is a risk to lose his job with a cold streak since he only offers speed, but if that is your need he is the best choice.

    Guillen offers good power and when he is hot he can put up Pujols stats for a week or so. But he is erratic and injury prone so he can go bad on you at any time.

    Jackson offers the best long term value, he has speed and will improve in time. But his plate disclipine is still a work in progress and he could be benched also as the Tigers have good backups.

    I'd go with Pos short term in a 5x5 format, head to head guillen if you can get him on a hot streak.


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