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  • Smiddy Smiddy Mar 31, 2010 4:42 PM Flag

    Trade advice invloving Carl Crawford... real juicy trade here...

    i trade carl crawford

    i get julio borbon, jason heyward, sean rodriguez (second baseman for tampa tearing it up in sring and AAA last year)

    thank you in advance for your advice

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    • How good is the rest of your team.

      I guess my philosophy has always been that you can't replace 1 body who produces at a premium level with 2 or 3 who are projects and might not.

      Yes, Heyward and Rodriguez are looking really good... BUT... Crawford helps almost every stat cat, and we still really don't know much about Heyward or Rodriguez and how they will perform. Even the ESPN projections say that his swing may be a bit long for this level, and he could see some problems. It all depends on how you want to play it, and how solid the rest of your team is.

    • Plenty of upside there in the three young guys, but really, are they proven? Crawford is second to Braun in OF in my book. He's a top 15 fantasy player. It don't get much better, son! Hang on to Carl and watch him get hot this year.

    • I think its a great trade go for it. sean is a stud, and so is heyward. borbon is going to steal 40 atleast

    • erh
      I like heyward but we don't know much about Rodriguez because of his limited time in the majors
      I personally wouldn't trade a proven player for a player that hasn't done much in the majors (or well for that matter)

      The other knock against this trade is the fact that you're going to have to end up dropping two players at the end of this trade, unless you have 2 empty roster spots I WOULDN'T do this trade

    • 3 guys who've accomplished nothing at the major league level for one of the better players. hype is worth zero.


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