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  • Ben G Ben G Mar 30, 2010 8:36 PM Flag

    trade help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't do it.
    2B is a position where many of the top players would only be pretty good if they played at other positions. Look at Kubel's numbers - if a 2B hit like Kubel did last year, he'd be a top three 2B. But Kubel's not a 2B, so you might ask why does this matter? Here's why:
    You have Rickie Weeks listed at util. This means that even if you acquire Phillips you'll still presumably be starting at least two if not three 2Bs (Weeks and Lopez at util). After the first one, it doesn't even matter what position they play anymore, and ignoring position, Phillips' value goes down - he and Kubel will probably have equal offensive production. You're tempted to do this trade because you want your infield to look better, but if you do it your util gets significantly worse, you're wasting it on 2Bs.
    So this becomes a trade of Carpenter for Greinke. I think you can answer your own question when you look at it this way.


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