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  • Geoff Geoff Mar 27, 2010 10:22 PM Flag

    J.P. Howell

    I drafted this guy without realizing he was out for the start of the season. Yahoo! is saying the Rays are hoping to have him back around May 1, and I'm not really willing to wait on this guy. Who should I pick up for him? 12 team head to head league and HOLDS are not in the scoring for this league. My current P's look like this:

    SP Dan Haren
    SP Justin Verlander
    SP Ubaldo Jiminez
    SP J.A. Happ
    SP Aaron Harang
    RP Jonothan Broxton
    RP Leo Nunez
    RP J.P. Howell

    Best RP FA's are:

    Alfredo Aceves, Michael Weurtz, Joe Rauch (who seems like a temporary fix - idk how long Nathan is out, Jason Frasor, and Matt Capps

    Who should I pick up (if anyone) and do my P's look pretty good? Any advice is appreciated!

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