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    $30 LeagueSafe WinWeeklyH2H

    I’m looking for three more owners to play in my Yahoo 6x6 H2H-One Win league. It’s $30 to get in and 100% of the entry fees will go toward winners’ payouts in October. All payments are made safely through LeagueSafe.com. We already have 11 managers in the league and in LeagueSafe. Seven of them have paid their $30 and four more will do so shortly. Come and reserve your spot. I’m hoping to be all set by the 23rd and draft either on the 24th @8:15 PM ET or the following day at the same time. I was initially shooting for 16 teams with an eight (8) team playoff seeding, but now I’m looking for 14 or 12 if we can’t get to 16 by the 24th.

    Payout system

    With each weekly game that you win you earn $1 from the overall pot. So by the end of the regular season you might have recovered as much as $22 out of your $30 entry fee. Of course, for that you will have to beat all your weekly opponents during the 22-week regular season, a feat almost impossible to accomplish. But it’s not a sin to dream. The point is that you play to win and to make it into the playoffs for a chance at the big prizes, which will come out of the remaining money pot. And you can also win a prize for winning your division, even though playoff seeds are based on regular season overall standings, not divisional seeding. If you make it into the playoffs then you increase your chances at really winning in this league because the greater part of the total money pot will go to the top three teams.

    The league will not be a keeper league. We have already voted on that as a league. But I plan to bring the concept every year – through leaguesafe – with a fresh draft each season in order to give all owners a chance at redemption.

    Please review the settings below and the comments that I inserted into some of the sections. Request the league password directly from me at jgarciriz@yahoo.com. Please do not email me to ask me things that are already explained here. Read below for details first. If you still have any questions and have legitimate interest in being part of this unique league, then email me.

    If you want to join I expect you to share with the others your real name, and to show your email address in the league at all times. Also post on the message board with a brief intro and where you are from. This is a prize league, so it’s just a matter of courtesy to all to be crystal clear. My name and info is on the league’s message board, and details about the league are contained in my Commissioners note.




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