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  • Boo Boo Mar 20, 2010 7:01 PM Flag

    Who Should I Keep? Keeper League

    Standard 5x5 (keeper league) yahoo (12 teams)

    We get to keep 10 guys + 2 "rookies" (so 12 total)

    i have two spots left... which two should i keep?

    Ryan Ludwick, Alex Rios, Jason Kuble, Mike Napoli, Rafael Soriano, Ted Lilly, Francisco Liriano or Kevin Slowey?

    So far, my list is...

    1. Adrian Gonzalez
    2. Brian Roberts
    3. Ryan Zimmerman
    4. Derek Jeter
    5. Nick Markakis
    6. Andre Ethier
    7. Carlos Gonzalez (rookie status)
    8. Julio Borbon (rookie status)
    9. Justin Verlander
    10. Javier Vazquez

    Any opinions are appreciated.

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