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  • Tyler B Tyler B Mar 8, 2010 1:38 PM Flag

    Dynasty League needs Replacement

    Its a first year 16 team Dynasty League. We're in the 5th Round of the Minor League Draft, and were needing a replacement manager for the team listed below. The scoring is h2h 6x5 (OPS being the 6th). If your interested email me at tbein3316@yahoo.com....

    Miguel Montero
    Justin Morneau
    Brian Roberts
    Michael Young
    Stephen Drew
    Matt Kemp
    Carlos Lee
    Bobby Abreu
    Todd Helton
    Chipper Jones
    Adam Wainwright
    Javier Vazquez
    Ted Lilly
    Andy Pettitte
    Francisco Cordero
    Michael Wuertz
    Francisco Liriano
    Aaron Harang
    Carl Pavano

    Scott Rolen
    Troy Glaus
    Brandon League
    Nick Massett
    Mike Adams
    CJ Wilson

    Pedro Alvarez
    Aroldis Chapman
    Ian Desmond

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