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  • Chevy Man 22 Chevy Man 22 Feb 3, 2010 11:51 PM Flag


    1. My secret sorry can't tell that

    2. You can't .... which is why mr. big mouth is all talk and can't back up a single word he says. I play in competitive leagues only despite what he says and I dare him to prove otherwise because he can't.

    He is about one thing though I've mastered the art of streaming pitchers without destroying me team Era and Whip and it scares him to death which is why he insist on a max moves league which I have no problem with because I could run laps around this fool regardless what the settings are only requirement I've demanded is it be a HTH league because Roto is for little girls. What's the point of drafting a team and then basically just leaving it to rot ? A 2 yr. old can do that .LOL


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