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  • Kwanwoo Kwanwoo Feb 1, 2010 7:13 PM Flag

    HELP 10 KEEPERS!!! (WINNER 2 seasons in a row!)

    10 Keepers, 5x5 10 team league:

    C: McCann
    1B: Morneau, Miguel Cabrera
    SS: Tulowitzki, Alexei Ramirez
    3B: Chipper Jones
    OF: Carlos Lee, S. Choo, Matt Holliday, D.Span, Juan Rivera

    SP: Linecum, Lackey, Gallardo, Hamels, Garza
    RP: Street, Hoffman, R. Soriano, Jenks


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    • McCann, Cabrera, Morneau, Lincecum, Tulo
      Holliday, Lackey, Hamels, Garza ...then either Ramirez or Lee...never keep the old guys!!!

    • No doubters:

      McCann - Shallow position and he's young and amazing

      Miguel - Still young and a first round pick easy

      Tulowitzki - Young and has a great power/speed combo

      Holliday - Hitting behind Pujols, 'nuff said.

      Lincecum - Best pitcher in the league

      Gallardo - Future ace of a pretty good team, great strikeout potential

      Others that you should keep:

      Huston Street - very good closer on a good team

      Alexei Ramirez - 2B eligibility which is important, power and speed combo

      Hamels - On a very good team and will bounce back and be great

      Garza - is maturing every year and is becoming great

      Reasons against others:

      Morneau: you already have cabrera so you don't need Morneau

      Chipper - old and on the decline

      Carlos Lee- on a bad team and is also slowly declining

      Choo - nothing very special. he's good but not better than other keepers.

      Span - fast and might be great. you might take him over Ramirez.

      Juan Rivera - not good at all. he is unproven and probably shouldn't be on any teams in a 10 team league

      Lackey - high ERA, fairly low strikeout rate

      Hoffman - ancient

      Soriano - could be better than Street but Street is still a safer pick

      Jenks - not in great shape and not on a great team

      Not to brag, but I'd trust my opinions about these types of things.

    • McCann, Morneau, Miggy Cabrera, Tulowitzki, Choo, Holliday, Lincecum, Gallardo, Lackey and Lee... That being said, you are a 2 year repeat winner. You shouldn't need any help. I think you were just bragging on how good your team is/was. :-)

    • I'd keep these players

      C: McCann
      1B: Morneau, Miguel Cabrera
      SS: Tulowitzki
      OF: Carlos Lee, Matt Holliday,
      SP: Linecum, Lackey, Gallardo, Hamels


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