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  • chinq11 chinq11 Feb 1, 2010 9:29 AM Flag

    KEEPER League Help PLEASE!!!!

    Ok I get to keep 6 offensive guys and Im having trouble making a decision on my last spot. Do I keep Ryan zimmerman or Matt Wieters???? Please help. Here are my other Keepers if it makes a differance. Pujols, kinsler, Hanley, Ellsbury and Braun.

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    • No brainer here. Your entire IF is covered. Draft OF's and Pitching!


    • Zimmerman, and it's an easy choice to make since you have no other 3B already listed as a keeper. Your keepers are monstrous however with Pujols/Hanley/Braun.. great start to a team, and Kinsler/Zimmerman shoring up your infield is a strength for you offensively.

    • I would say Zimm. But with those keepers it might not matters. How do you have Pujols, Hanley, and Braun? Was anyone else in your league drafting?

    • Zimm. 3b falls off fast this year so the positional advantage gained with a top catcher isn't so much more. Plus there are several nice C prospects at/near the majors (Posey, Santana, Montero). C is deeper in prospects than I can remember, while some the top 3B prospects are expected to shift positions. So the positional advantage of C over 3b is likely to be low in the future as well. Zimm is just better now and more of a sure thing than Wieters.

      You could swap wieters for ellsbury, but with all the power you have ellsbury compliments your team well. You have enough talent to take a chance on wieters and drop ellsbury, but given your lineup, you should have the best offense in the league if you draft well. with such a strong chance to win the league this year, you should go with the guy who can do it now. why worry about prospects when you have the best team now? ellsbury seals you in steals. If you want a C, trade kinsler for mauer even if you have to package someone else to do it, or VMart. 2b is going to have some late value this year.

    • gotta keep Wieters, and forget about worrying about catcher for the next X amount of years

    • Trade Weiters and Zimmerman for Arod and you'll arguably have the 4 top offensive players in fantasy baseball

    • If it was me I would keep Ryan Zimmerman because in my opinion 3B has less depth than catcher

    • With a team like that, does it really matter...go with what you are comfortable with.

    • Seriously.... Keeper Ranks by Position you have all #1's in Pujols, Kinsler, Han Ram, and Braun..... Zimmerman is ranked #2 behind Longoria for 3B.... Weiters is ranked 3rd for Keeper Catchers..... Ellsbury is ranked 16th for Keeper OF.....

      Is this really a question ?????

    • keep them both and drop ellsbury he sucks he hasnt done anything the last two years except steal some bases which you can get with anyone if you know what you are talking about. wieters is a future catcher who in most leagues are hard to find a good catcher especially at a young age and zimmerman dont even get me started with the numbers he puts up at only 26. almost forgot ellsbury has to play against the al east for nearly a fourth of his games meaning he has gotta play against the defending champion yankees

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      • How are you knocking ellsbury you idiot? Yeah he plays in the AL East and STILL HITS 300. 301 to be exact last year. Not only did he lead the league in sbs he had 90+ runs and Ks less than 80 times with over 600abs. Lets not forget that he is always healthy and its just his SECOND full season as he has tons of room to grow. Other than Ellsbury leading the pack you have Crawford who soon may be dealt to a team less likely to run and Bourn who has yet to hit 300 in a season playing on a terrible team in HOU who are aging faster than Madonna. If you dont keep Ellsbury who is a sure bet for 300avg or better with decent RBI production at the #1 spot youre gonna sacrifice elsewhere for SBs alone in your proposed strategy of finding it elsewhere easily. To me, you dont waste games played for one stat alone. If youre gonna do that you might as well just eat the category all together and go with someone who will give you power stats and avg. That will cover HR, RBI, Runs, Avg. 4 out of the 5 cats instead of killing you in 4 so you gain one. At least Ellsbury contributes to the others without hurting you while locking up a guaranteed 50+sbs year in and year out at the beginning of his career. Oh, did I mention he is in one of the best hitters parks in the whole league?

        You should give up fantasy because you obviously seem to have no clue what you are talking about.

        KEEP ELLSBURY! And I say go with Wieters. You are a sure thing with all of the aforementioned keepers so you can risk the lofty expectations of Wieters in case he doesnt pan out. And if he does you have one of the thinnest positions locked in with a prime power hitting all star.

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