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  • Brunetta Brunetta Jan 24, 2010 6:37 PM Flag

    NEW Keeper League - 3 SPOTS!!

    This league is for any manager who has atleast 1 year of fantasy baseball in their profile. I will not be accepting any managers that dont have the required amount of fantasy baseball so dont bother trying to join if you dont. I already have 9 managers including myself. I know all the current managers from other keeper leagues i am in and only selected guys i know are very active. So you can expect this league to be one of the most active and competitive you can find! If interested in joining please email me at mbrunetta90@live.ca ASAP with your top 3 desired teams in order. Don't miss your chance to be in one of the best keeper leagues out there!

    1) Pick an MLB Team! (Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Rays, Mets can NOT be picked by anyone, this eliminates all the big time teams so no one will be stacked right
    away!) - This will be your team name.

    2) Select 10 Players & Pitchers total from your chosen team. Also select the 3 prospects from that team you want to have.(Prospect = Under 50 IP's for a
    pitcher & under 120 AB's for a batter).

    3) After we have 12 managers and everyone has picked their team and players/prospects we will have a 17 round draft to fill out the rest of our roster. The
    draft will consist of the players from each team not picked, as well as the roster of the players not picked by the teams that were chosen.
    * The draft will be done through this website. *

    4) The draft will start 1 FULL day after the league is full and ready to draft. Draft clock will be 12 hours to make a pick - please try to pick ASAP and not
    use that full time - During the hours of 1AM & 9AM the draft clock will not count against you! You can still pick in between those times. Your draft spot will be determined by the team you pick's record from last season. SEE "TEAM DRAFT SPOTS".

    5) During the 17 round draft you may select prospects from either teams if you wish. At the end of the 17 round draft we will have a 3 round minor league
    draft for all prospects not owned already.

    6) There will be no trading during the draft involving picks(for the 1st year) but you may make trades during the draft that involve players or your prospects.
    Once the draft is complete you are allowed to trade anyone you want at anytime, also you can add/drop players as you wish. Prospect dropping will be done by
    posting something on the message board saying that you are dropping the rights to a prospect you own and adding the rights to a prospect that is not owned by

    7) At the end of the season each team will keep 6-8 players(your choice) and you get to bring your prospects to the next season as well. The managers that
    choose to keep 6 players will have a 2 round pre draft before the managers that kept 8 guys, also the guys who keep 7 players will go into the 2nd round of
    that pre draft so all teams will enter the main draft with 8 players. Draft order for next year is determined by your spot at the end of the regular season
    (12-1). Also each year we will add a 1 round prospect draft. So if this league goes for many years eventually we will have a big Minor league system.

    Thats all i can think of for now but if you have any questions please ask me and we can figure it out as we go.

    - Commish

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