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  • Reflex Reflex Jan 24, 2010 3:09 PM Flag

    Email Yahoo and Ask For....

    I know your opinion on W's, have read it for the past year. I disagree, adding whats effectively a junk stat simply to balance hitters is not an approach I agree with. I think there are plenty of quality stats that can be used without resorting to W's which are basically meaningless from a fantasy perspective.

    Thats not to say its not valid for leagues to use W's, if the goal is simply to win a traditional fantasy game. But as I've stated before, my league goal is to simulate real baseball, and the stats are picked based on that goal. Other goals are perfectly legit though and I have no problem with other owners using them, just as I have no issue with streaming provided thats the kind of game the commish wants to run.

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    • so if a pitcher throws 5 2/3 innings, shut out ball and is pulled cuz hes at 110 pitches, someone like max scherzer, and he gets the win... in your league he would get no credit at all. or the pitcher that goes 8 innings, gives up four runs and wins the game. no credit in your league. that is your idea of a real simulation? lol. your dementia would benefit from a split personality, then you could argue with yourself and squash bad ideas


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