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  • The American Dream The American Dream Jan 20, 2010 2:44 PM Flag

    Email Yahoo and Ask For....

    yes! finally someone who understands the concept of scoring a matchup!!!! MLB teams do not stream!!!!!!!

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    • Looks like you found plenty of owners for the Million Dollar Challenge tonight. lol

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      • Basically you shouldnt handicap someone trying to improve their teams with your max moves. Thus, adding max innings allows owners to have a level playing field on IP. If you want to stream with max innings then go ahead b/c your getting the same amount of innings as everyone else so who cares. But dont limit league activity with max moves. Leagues get boring with those b/c say you have 3 moves and you use them Monday morning then you're basically setting a lineup until next Monday. Wut if you have some players hit the DL? Or pull off the legendary 3-1 trade and have to wait Monday to fill those open roster spots.

        Max moves does limit steaming but it also handicaps your ability to make your team better. Having max innings lets you build your team at your leisure and also levels the playing field on IP. Also adds some strategy IMO.

        I dont like to talk to idiots that often b/c someone might mistake me for one but i hope this helps everyone understand.

    • word son

    • Although it is not a weekly event, I believe that MLB teams do stream... How many minor league pitchers are called up for one start and then sent back to the minors... This happens when the schedule is full of double headers in the summer.


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