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  • MG MG Jan 13, 2010 10:59 AM Flag

    Christian Females and Males wanted

    Christians have the same right as any other group to start a league. It's not exclusion toward any lifestyle or group, it's an opportunity for like minded people to get togeather. No Christian would care if random groups started leagues with various like minded people of different intrests. Why would it matter to any one if a Christian wanted to start a league? That's not just freedom of religion, but just the general freedom we have in America!

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    • thats what hitler said

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      • If someone wants a strictly Christian league than that is there option. There are free leagues for anyone to join. I just joined a pick em league that was for Nebraska fans. I would not want to join a group for Sooner fans. I have a different point of view than the other fans.

        While I do not agree with having a strictly Christian league, maybe the league is designed for spiritual accountability and the commisioner did not wish to offend anyone by the dialougue that would happen there. I am a deeply religious person and a majority of our members come from church. Fantasy is a tremendous way to connect with people, so I say let this person connect and if you do not wish to join his league then you do not have to. But, it is his right to have a group in which he can express his religious views, the same way that anyone opposed to Christianity can start and athiest league.

      • i want to start a group called i love Satan. but i dont think nobody will join


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