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    Looking for a Unique, Highly Competitive, and Active continuing fantasy league?


    I am trying to start a Fantasy football, and baseball Fusion. We play both sports and have 3-5 leagues for each. (each team plays in both)
    How it is configured is that the top 4 teams move up a league and the bottom 4 are moved down a league, and middle 4 stay. Your goal is to make the top league and stay there. :-}

    ITS FREE, just about competition and the atmosphere BUT eventually money and prizes can come into play
    (Prizes can vary between leagues, top winning something better ect ect..) Regardless, winners still win a small token at no cost for you!!

    I need 36, 48, or 60 teams to start a 3, 4, or 5, tier system.

    Already have about 40 teams to get the higher and funner 5 tier system, we are looking for people who vote, smack talk, update their team, and know the game...It's all about competition and FUN!!! Must be very active, very very active!!!

    the more the merrier, we've done the 3 tier and are looking to expand to 4 or 5. It's great to get to know each other and have reoccurring rivalries. We want managers who are dedicated and reliable to be there for years to come.

    Email me if you are interested, and think you are qualified for the challenge!!! always_tardy33@hotmail.com

    The best teams are invited to play in a special challenge of Fantasy Fusion Keeper League. Not just the top winning teams but the most active and big personalities, or big rivals. The teams that show dedication!! I HOPE TO SEE YA IN THE FUSION
    again my email is always-tardy33@hotmail.com

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