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  • JAH JAH Jan 9, 2010 10:26 AM Flag

    My predicted Top 50 Baseball '10

    I love when people try to make lists....Usually they are so random and horribly wrong. I'm not saying I have a list that is better, but damn, how do you come up with some of this stuff?

    - ARod #1? Maybe top 5, I'll give him top 10. AP is #1.
    - Braun over Hanely? I'll take the top IN over top OF anyday.
    - Ps don't really belong in the top 20. Lincy is the exception. Take Halladay out, put him around 30.
    - Rollins at 13? That's where he was at last season. Did you watch last season?
    - Howard over Fielder? Maybe, but doubtful.
    - Sabathia in the top 20? In can think of 10 Ps better than him.
    - Cabrera 19? Only 25 and one of the most consistent fantasy producers. He's still a top 10 player, even without 3B.
    - Phillips anywhere in the top 50 is just plain silly
    - Granderson (see Phillips)
    - Nathan is the top closer, however, closers shouldn't be in the top 50
    - McCann in the top 30? At no point has McCann every put up numbers close top top 30. Maybe top 70?
    - Rivera (see Nathan)
    - Carpenter is a stud, but probably shouldn't be in front of Wainwright. That's debatable though.
    - Werth and Zobrist in the top 50? You can take them there, I'm staying away.
    - Morneau was top 30 predraft last year. He had a huge year and you put him at 45? I don't get it? Maybe 20?
    - Holliday (see Morneau)
    - Wright is a top 5 fantasy player without HRs. People need to recognize that.
    - I thought Dye retired?

    I love the attempts. But some of them are just ridiculous.

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