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    when drafting whats most important??? 6 minutes ago ok i've won fantasy football several times but haven't found the magic for baseball..SO WHEN I DRAFT WHATS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO GO AFTER!? IT WILL BE A H2H LEAGUE..SO PITCHING,BATTING,SAVES?? WHAT IS THE WINNING FORMULA

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    • In head to head don't worry about having a complete team. You want to dominate the majority of categories. That doesn't mean you have to punt the other categories, but you don't have to overwhelm in them, just compete in them. Remember, in the playoffs it's all about winning one more category then you lose.

      Go for power hitters early and often. Then get strikeout pitchers. Later supplement in some cheap saves. I don't worry too much about stolen bases. They are nice if they come along with a multi-tool guy, but avoid the speed only guys (Bourne, Pierre, Borbon).

      Also, don't be afraid to look at when a player is typically hot. Ryan Howard's value is even higher in H2H leagues because he destroys the ball in August and September (during your playoffs). On the other hand a player like Lance Berkman tends to crawl to the finish line.

      Most importantly, shop for value! Take fliers on guys who could turn into top round values. Last year that meant Pablo Sandoval, Aaron Hill, Mark Reynolds, and Kendry Morales. You won't be right on every flier, but you only really need to be right once or twice to complete your team.

      Good luck!

    • I know....I just wanted to add that....

      I drafted Soto in 4 leagues 2 years ago and Sandoval in 3 leagues last year. Top 3 Cs and I drafted them in the 16th and 19th rounds.....

      You just have to know who to get I guess......

      Kurt Suzuki is a good one for this year. He's one of the ALs top hitting Cs. He produces in all 5 cats, which is huge for a C. You can probably swing him round 14 or later. Best bang for your buck in my opinion. I used him all year last year in a 14 and 12 team league and I couldn't be any happier.

    • Getting the players at the "extra" positions first. "Extra" meaning SS, 2B, and Catcher. Good hitting OF, 1B and 3B are a dime a dozen and you can get those later on and not miss anything. But landing an Utley at 2B instead of someone like Kaz Matsui or landing Brian McCann instead of Ramon Hernandez makes the difference. So not necessarily using your first 3 draft picks for those positions, but just get there first. Utley will demand your first pick, but I usually get McCann in the 5th round and he's always a good draft pick. Then use atleast two of your bench picks for risk/reward sleepers. Last year Asdrubal Cabrera for Cleveland was mine and double points because he had 2B and SS eligability.

    • I always win my league and i use the same Method almost everythime .

      First thing is to start off your first 2 picks with Hitting . Get the best infield hitting u can get . I then always within my first 4 picks take the best availabe Pitcher . Then during the draft i always try to get 2 solid closers with a third one later on . I only draft 1 backup hitter usualy an outfielder and the rest is all power pitching , guys who strick people out .

    • Winning baseball takes a little bit more skill than winning football. In football, staying healthy and having a few guys go crazy can push you through the playoffs. Smaller rosters are easier to manage.

      Baseball takes more of a commitment, you have to do your homework all season long. More players, more stats. I don't think their is any magic formula for success. The draft is important, but not as important as your mid-season moves and staying ahead of the competition. I never punt categories. Often, it comes down to position scarcity and getting good players at positions where there are few good players available. Have a well rounded draft and stay on top of it all season long.

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      • I'll add on to this....

        Football is 90% luck. 1 day of games decides the outcome. You have no control of how your opponent does. Yahoo gives you projections. Everything is handed to you in football.

        Baseball is pure skill. Having good/bad luck may affect 1 or 2 of the 26 weeks, whereas in football it could affect your entire year....

        You wont lose because of a poor draft. However, you can win with a good draft....

        I'd say, try to fill your lineup by the 12th round. Grab 3 or 4 SPs during that span. Maybe you're short an OF.... After round 12 start grabbing Ps and take some gambles. Worst case is you drop them early for a producing player, best case is they produce...... Whatever you do, don't draft backups. I always laugh when people do this. The reality is you can grab a backup at any time during the season. In a H-H league you have zero need for backups. I generally play with 1 backup, usually covering my worst player. (Never have 2 Cs). I also have 5 closers on my team, not top ones though......

    • Steve, you want to draft a balanced team with four good power hitters, three or four good base stealers and three or four high to good batting avg hitters and at least two top twenty starting pitchers, one top five saver with high KO ratios and low whips. Plenty of average pitchers to pick over after you draft your No. 1 and 2 starter. The same goes with relief pitchers.

    • Do research......

      Stay away from one-year guys. Sure, they may succeed again, but why gamble?..... Also, no need to get pitchers early. In my experience, drafting a top SP rounds 3-5 is ok. If you get 7 hitters and 1 SP in the first 8 rounds you're doing ok. Since the top 10 SPs usually go around the first 8 rounds, there is no point going after multiple of them. But, when drafting your hitters, make sure you don't get players of the same position...... Don't draft closers early either. You can grap 20-30 save guys late (rounds +12). Thats really all you need from them. There will always be guys taking over the closer jobs, just pay attention......NEVER draft a C until at least pick 100. Most C (excluding Mauer) are overrated and will hold little value throughout the season.....Don't overpay for big names......Try to get the 20-20 guys. Having a team full of them is best way to go.....


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