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    I have a couple of very young, very talented pitchers on my dynasty team. Im looking to trade 1 or 2. Can you help by ranking them in terms of who you think will have th ebetter careers, and who i can sell high thanks to hype.
    Based on what I saw last year, I would rank them as follows:

    1) B. Anderson, OAK
    2) M. Bumgarner, SF
    3) N. Feliz, TEX
    4) T. Cahill, OAK
    5) C. Tillman, BAL

    I rank Bumgarner ahead of Feliz because of the division/league they are in, and that also factors in to Tillman being last. Thanks to the hype I think i could get more by giving up Feliz then the others on this list... opinions?

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    • Anderson is a must keep, anyone else I would be willing to trade for proven major leaguers, highest trade values are probably Feliz and Bums, but having two pitchers from Oakland, I personally would be more willing to move Cahill for a little less in return if there are takers for him.

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      • i agree about cahill, but i think the difference in what i can get in return for him, as opposed to someone like feliz...is alot less. there hasnt been all that much hype about cahill anyway, while feliz was the talk of baseball for a few weeks. Id like to keep bumgarner because of the upside and i had been saving my waiver for him for a long time...
        in terms of the most trade-able, i would say its Tillman, Feliz, Cahill, Bum, Anderson. Not sure if i trust tillman in that division...but thanks for the feedback

    • Anderson

    • I would rank them as follows for dynasty league purposes:

      1. Bumgarner
      2. Feliz
      3. Tillman
      4. Anderson
      5. Cahill

      My rankings are based on their entire career -- not just 2010.

      That is a very nice core of stud young pitchers to have on your dynasty team. Well done.

    • I think I agree with your list as is. I keep hearing how good Bumgarner is going to be, but until he proves it, it's hard to put him ahead of Anderson. I think Brett Anderson is going to be a great pitcher in the mold of Erik Bedard (but healthy). Cahill didn't show me much last year so I like Feliz ahead of him too.

      I would try to move Feliz as his hype is about as high as it can get, and he seems like the kind of pitcher that could hear the words "Tommy John" in the next year or two.


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