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  • Don-Ray Don-Ray Oct 8, 2009 5:00 AM Flag

    What makes a roto winner?

    You may think you have to be a genius or a baseball insider to constantly win roto leagues. Well I am neither and I have a 94% success rate in baseball (o.k. I'll argue about the genius).
    The real reason for success is often overlooked. It's not wasting hitter appearances and innings pitched. A lot of guys try to get in the 1250 IPs but many are wasteful in hitter appearances.
    In the winner league I recently won I only missed 5 hitter starts, 4 from the catcher, one at SS. The guy in second had 41 starts fewer than I did. Extended over a full slate of 9 hitters a day that's about 4,5 days of stats that he got less. He only needed 9 runs and 3 homers to overtake me. Easily achievable if he had those 4,5 days back.

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    • Cannot argue a thing in here, always, always, always maximize innings allowed pitched, and games played. I have only played 9 roto teams on Yahoo, started in 2004, all but two were auto drafts (2 live drafts in money leagues) and finished 1st place seven times, 2nd twice. That's 100%, and it isn't with good drafts (as above/auto) or brilliance, it was with maximizing production slots with best available fillers.

    • Thanks for the post. This is actually an extremely good point.

      Let me ask you this, what allowed you to miss so few games/IP?

      Was it that you had the time to check who was in the lineup often(I myself work in the evenings and am not able to check my lineups from work, huge bummer).

      Do you have a great source (other than Yahoo itself) for who will be in the lineup each day?

      Any insight would be much appreciated.

      I fear I lost my league (finished 3rd) this season, in large part, to this.


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      • If you miss an occasional rainout or rest day for a hitter, that's not so bad, that happens to me, too. The rainouts get made up.

        There are actually four things I do:

        Draft a catcher who will likely play every day. That could be a player who is eligible at the C position but actually plays somewhere else (like Sandoval or Inge). The only thing I look for in a catcher aside from every-day availability is a BA of over .250 (better .270).

        I try to get in extra hitters on Mondays and Thursdays, when a lot of teams have a travel day. Sometimes you have about 6 or 7 of your regulars not playing. Most guys don't do anything about that. I try to fill at least some of those vacancies. Either have a player like Felipe Lopez, who is eligible at several positions or simply drop the two worst players on your roster and pick up new ones for a one day start. I had a revolving door position on my team just for that reason.

        Immediately replace a player who goes on the DL. Most of the time you can put him on your team's DL position and have an open spot anyway. A lot of guys just sit through a DL stint, if they don't happen to have a replacement player on their team. This happens especially to guys who hold a lot of pitchers.

        Make use of double-headers in the latter part of the season. Look for players for spot starts who are such regulars on their teams that they likely will play both games.

    • you're right, that didn't take a genius.