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  • RanceMulliniks RanceMulliniks Oct 5, 2009 7:16 PM Flag

    Game 163 Will Count!!!!

    I emailed Yahoo yesterday to find out. I heard back :

    "Yahoo! Sports only counts MLB regular season games for scoring purposes that occur during the normal regular season schedule. Therefore, if a 1 game playoff is needed to determine the division winner or wildcard scoring from this game will not be applied to fantasy leagues. In addition, the season will not be extended for rain outs and/or make up games that take place after the regular season is scheduled to end."

    I think they are wrong not to include it. Their own rules state that: "Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball runs throughout the entire 2009 baseball regular season, which begins on Sunday, April 5 and is scheduled to end on Sunday, October 4." If they don't include it, then Yahoo isn't really running through the entire baseball regular season. While it's true that the season was scheduled to end on 10/4, Yahoo never says that scoring stops on that hard cut-off. Since MLB counts the tiebreaker as a regular season game (and includes it in regular season stats), so should Yahoo.

    Oh well. Another Yahoo f-up.

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    • Post of the day right there. The only reason yahoo has a popular product is longevity. They have treated us like rash for years... I look forward to one day convincing my league to a switch... or better yet, yahoo steps up. At best, Yahoo is very unclear about this matter, although it seems pretty clear that their rules say that this coming game should be counted in most formats.

    • Totally agree!

      It probably should count, Yahoo isn't very clear in their rules, Yahoo doesn't post something to explain the rules or to clear things up, They probably didn't think about it so the programing is not there. That's what happens when you have computer geeks running a sports geek game, not the same!!!


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