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  • Shawn C Shawn C Sep 23, 2009 12:47 PM Flag

    Starting two new baseball leagues next season

    Need to replace two leagues that I dropped this past season due to my opinion on how the leagues should have been ran. The commisioner of the leagues felt that their duties to the league ended after the league was opened and draft started, and well I felt they never end.

    So I'm going to replace these leagues with two that either myself or someone that I've known and played with for years will run, I'm just doing the busy work and recruiting for them.

    The first league will be a branching off of one of the leagues. I'm hoping to bring around half the teams from said league into the new one and will be allowing any of those teams to keep their current roster. New teams will likely be allowed to draft from the remaining unfilled teams to create a roster that has their stamp on it. Since the league is a 18-23 keeper league this will likely have to happen in early Feb, just to make sure the real league draft could start in March.

    The league is a 20 team league which uses what I feel is standard 7 X 7 H2H scoring (5 X 5 plus TB/OPS and Holds with WHIP)

    I'm guessing that I'll have around 6-8 teams from the original league and have already filled another 6 slots so there isn't much room left.

    The second league will be a little different then anything I've at least done before but someone here may have tried it already.

    The league will be a H2H 20 team keeper league with 21 keepers. This will be the first year for it. It will however not be drafted traditionally. Rather it will be a waiver wire league. The draft will be done completely by waivers. It will use the same 7 X 7 scoring as detailed above though.

    With my leagues I require significant activity, I try to maintain a competitive balance so these aren't leagues for those that are looking just for a once every few weeks sort of thing or just for drafting practice. YIM is a plus, I can be reached at SMChellis (though if you go this route please make sure you mention why you are contacting me in the intial IM) I usually try to be available any time to answer any questions or concerns you may have and have been known to change the rules to the league if there is a solid enough reason to do so.

    I have been accussed of micro managing, I try to make the league fun for as many people as possible, and as such I tend to close any doors that I find when it comes to methods of questionable play (streaming and creative trading)

    The leagues that I'll be forming should have a fair amount of trading in them and currently are being filled by other managers that I know are highly active. Being highly active with minor and major league knowledge is a definate plus.

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