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  • Don-Ray Don-Ray Sep 16, 2009 12:12 PM Flag

    Biggest comeback?

    Just want to know. Has anybody ever come back from last place in a public league at midseason (this year that was after the first week of July) and won a roto league?
    I could be achieving it this year and it's even a winners league.
    I only had power (HRs+RBIs) and saves at midseason, was 8th in SBs and BA and last in every category involving starting pitching. My point total was something like 46 pts.
    Then I traded Gonzo for Ichiro and ARod for Lincecum, picked up Nyjer Morgan, Rajai Davis and Tommy Hanson along with some excellent spot starters and got about a dozen (lucky) wins from my relievers and my season turned around. I took the lead today with 88 pts.
    The season's not over yet but I'm amazed that this could happen, especially in a winner league where you have tough opponents.

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    • Im in a 12 team ROTO and had 50 points in June, now coming down to the end of the season i am leading in points with 104.5.. I was last in every category and pitching was the only area that i had any points, now im making a push on offense and lead every pitching category except for holds.. Im just not sure if i can hold onto the league with injuries in the last month with; Morneau, Alfonso Soriano, Sizemore, Youk now hurt and, Huston Street.. Im holding on by 4 points with a few weeks left..

    • well, this guy in my roto league was in 7th out of 12 around the break, and he's been streaming like a mofo since-hitters and pitchers. I hate that. Never playing in a league that allows that again. It's a big comeback, but that's cheap, what do you guys think?

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      • Streaming in the actual sense with endless pitching changes like in h2h leagues is not possible in roto leagues because everybody has the same 1250 innings cap. And before I waste 100 pitching innings I might as well start spot starters to make up the void. You have to reckon that everybody will use his 1250 innings. It's a gift if somebody doesn't. It's the same number of innings for everybody so what does it matter if he uses them early or late?

        Or does your roto league not have an innings cap? That, indeed, would be an invitation to stream.

        I try not to waste too many hitter appearances either. My closest opponent didn't exchange his 3B when he was on the DL at the beginning of the season. He's now -14 at 3B. Now he's plugging in every 3B he can find to get back some of the appearance numbers he lost. I think that's perfectly legitimate.

    • Ignore Thomas S, he's basically a sourpuss troll. Seriously, that's pretty good. I did that once, but it was only an 8-team league so it wasn't a huge deal. We were all pretty close at midseason, and I was able to turn on the jets in the second half.

    • arod for lincy? make up at least decent trades if u wanna lie on these things. get a life

    • That's pretty impressive.. those were some really smart trades to improve your pitching, average, and steals


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