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  • Jay K Jay K Sep 16, 2009 2:00 PM Flag

    Did I cheat?

    One of my leagues has 80 maximum roster moves, so it really cuts back on streaming. I don't mind some streaming, but in another of my leagues there is a guy who EVERY day makes two or three SP moves. That became kind of annoying after several weeks of it.

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    • Not at all...the number 1 seed in my league this week lostbecause he got "outstreamed"...he lost 7-6 because he lost ip 135.1 to 130, about 60 ip more than the norm in our league...I am now in the championship playing against the guy who beat the #1 seed so I plan to do the same actions to counter him doing it...luckily, 5 of my starters r double starting this week so I won't need to do it a ton, but I will do it starting after today when ppl r done with starts...there is no reason not to do it....it's good strategy, it's within the rules, and it helps you win...Good job!!!

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      • Hell No! You did what you had to do to win. It could have backfired against you, but it didn't and you got the win. You don't know this guy, who gives a fu*k what he thinks. He got out managed. He could have done the same thing, but he was probably to stupid to figure it out. Don't lose any sleep over it.

    • best way to combat this is to watch the moves and pickup players they drop that can help you


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